These days, smartphones have developed well past what they once were. Where they were at one time only able to be used for calling and texting, and then evolved to be able to occasionally surf the web, our cell phones can perform more functions today than computers could even just 10 years ago. 


And with that evolution, the cameras on those phones have come a long way as well. Today, the average cell phone camera is as good as (if not better than) many of the cheaper professional cameras. 


With this, however, comes a unique challenge: organizing your mobile photos. 


With professional cameras, it’s easy to transfer them to your computer and drag and drop them into their own separate spaces. With phones, however, the process gets a little more complicated. 


Here are 5 steps you can take to make organizing photos on your mobile phone that much easier:




Step #1: Create Photo Albums

The best way to organize your mobile phone photos is to create one or several albums on your phone to put new photos into. For example, you might make albums that are titled “Animals,” “Beach,” “Forest,” “Family,” etc. These are just basic examples, but you get it! 


Doing this is pretty simple as well. 


(Disclaimer: The process may vary from phone to phone depending on the model and operating system, but most of them should have a very similar process to this one.)


To create albums on your mobile phone:


For iPhone:


  • Open your Photos application
  • Tap the Big Plus Sign in the upper left corner
  • Tap New Album. 

For Android:  


  • Open your Photos application
  • Click on Library in the bottom right corner
  • Open any Existing or Default Album, long press on a photo that you want to move to your new album. A checkmark should show up on the photo.
  • Once you see the checkmark, click the Three Dots in the upper right corner
  • Click Move to Folder, then select New Folder from the top of the screen
  • Type in the new folder’s name, and repeat the process if necessary



Step #2: Try Out Different Photo Apps

No matter what type of device you have, you have the capability to download and try out new apps from the app store. Try searching photo storage applications or photo organizer applications in your Google Play, Samsung Play, or Apple App Store. 


There are tons out there, so don’t get discouraged if the first one isn’t right for you. Try a few different ones out until you find the perfect app for your photos!


Step #3: Use Face Grouping

With phone iPhones and Androids, your default photo application has the ability to analyze the photographs you take and organize them according to whose faces appear in each one. If you’re someone who takes a lot of photos of people, this comes in handy for you especially!


What’s even better is that this process happens automatically, so you don’t have to do anything to kick start it! To access photos organized by faces, you will:


For iPhone:


  • For iPhone, you will first have to add a new face before you can access the organized photos
  • To do this, open up a photo that has your target’s face in it. Then, Swipe Up 
  • Tap the Circle with the person’s face in it, and then hit the Menu Button that is in the top left corner
  • From there, hit Add to People’s Album, enter their name into the box, and tap Done. From then on, any photos you take of that person will be automatically organized into their people album. 
  • To access this album later, simply open the Photos app, tap on People and Places, and Search for your selected person among those available. 

For Android: 


  • Open your Photos application
  • Click Search (it should be on the bottom bar)
  • You will see some circles with people’s faces pop up automatically! Simply search through them for the person you’re looking for and voila!

#4: Utilize the Pre-existing Organizational Tools

Most types of phones actually come with pre-installed organizational tools for you to utilize! With both iPhone and Android, all your photos are automatically organized into categories such as location and date. Because of this, you can simply tap on your photo search tool and look up specific places you have been or dates you remember!


#5: Purge Where Necessary

No matter how good you are at organizing, none of these tips will help if you have tons of screenshots, downloads, and random photos you don’t like clogging up your phone’s storage. At that point, you’d need to have a different album for virtually every photograph and then what’s the point of having albums! 


Because of this, I am of the belief that the absolute best way you can organize your camera roll is to use that delete button liberally and check regularly for photos you can go without. By doing this, you can make room on your photo for the moments you want to remember, instead of the ones you don’t. 



So, you have your phone organized. What do you do with all the photos now? Unless you’re a photographer, chances are that you don’t have anything to actually do with them! 


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