I think we can all agree that 2021 has been a rough year.

Of course, none of us expected living through the midst of a global pandemic to be easy, but I also don’t think that anyone could have anticipated just how much COVID would completely change the way we live.

We went through nationwide panic, city-wide and state-wide shutdowns, and even toilet paper shortages. And despite all of that, the pandemic seems to still be going strong.

I know better than anyone that staying in your home day in and day out is difficult, and it can easily weigh on the mind. So, that said, here is my suggestion for coping with social distancing and COVID through the beginning of 2022:

How COVID Has Affected us

Before we get into how to best cope with our current circumstances, it seems pertinent to first discuss what exactly we’re coping with. After all, the first step to getting through a difficult time is to process what’s happening by talking about it.

The case may be different for all of you reading this, but I personally have struggled the most with the business shut-downs.

For quite a while in 2021, social distancing was being heavily enforced, which resulted in a mandatory shutdown for all businesses that were not deemed “necessary.” That meant all forms of entertainment like movie theaters, skating rinks, bowling alleys, etc. were no longer able to service customers.

Then, when businesses got the green light from the government and finally opened back up, there were still guidelines in place that made shopping and going out less than normal. For example, clothing stores were still prohibited from allowing shoppers to use dressing rooms.

And, of course, COVID has definitely caused a sense of heightened anxiety among the best of us.

However, these are just my experiences. Let me know in the comments what the most difficult part of COVID has been for you.

How Writing Can Help You Cope

An excellent method of coping with COVID is to take up writing as a hobby.

Writing, in my opinion, is excellent because it provides an escape from your current situation and circumstances (I know better than anyone how much your house can start to feel like a prison).

Writing, however, has the ability to transport you to a completely different place, no matter what you’re jotting down.

For example, writing about past experiences and positive memories you have with your family and friends takes you back to those times and allows you to live them all over again. Or, writing about a historical event that particularly interests you means you can stand in the midst of that event and watch it first person. Even writing your grocery list means you get to imagine being at the store and plucking items off their shelves.

The point is, no matter who you are, writing is a positive escape that you have complete control over, and in the time of COVID-19, that’s absolutely priceless.

What Do I Do With All This Writing When I’m Done?

It can often be difficult to decide what to do with writing when you’re done with it. After all, if you spent a couple of hours just jotting down memories that you wanted to relive or refresh in your mind, then you probably aren’t going to go the publishing route. Not to mention, doing nothing with it can seem like a waste.

This is where LIFEazine comes in.

LIFEazine is a magazine creation software that allows you to combine those musing with photos and organize them into a cohesive story.

This story is then told as your friends and family flip through or scroll through the pages of your personal magazine and are temporarily able to live your life through your eyes—they get to see what you saw, and feel what you felt.

Not only does this help you to feel like you didn’t waste time with all of that writing you did, but it also creates a valuable memoir in the process that is simply priceless.


COVID has been hard on all of us, but that doesn’t mean we have to sit back and suffer. Instead, try writing out some of your most important memories onto a sheet of paper. Then, mull it over and see if you have any photos that might go along with those stories. And finally, give LIFEazine a spin and create your very own memorial magazine.

Regardless of what you do, it’s time to take back control of your life from COVID—and small steps like this one are the most important of all.

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