With the rise in internet culture and reliance on technology, it’s difficult to believe that something as simple as regular journaling could have a profound effect on our emotional well-being. After all, what can a journal solve that can’t be taken care of with other methods? 


Well, simply put, journaling is exceptional at helping us take a look at our inner selves and bring issues to the surface that we didn’t even know we had. Here are 7 magnificent benefits of journaling every day: 


#1: Records Ideas on the Go

This may seem like a “well, duh” point, but being able to record ideas whenever and wherever you want, can actually have a profound effect on your life. 


In fact, the University of Rochester found that keeping a journal in this way was especially helpful to insomniacs. The participants of their study would have trouble falling asleep because of the thoughts rattling through their brains, but once they were able to write down those thoughts, they could effectively dispel them and focus on getting some sleep.




#2: Solves Persistent Problems

One of the best ways to solve your problems is to thoroughly analyze them and make a decision based on the information you have. However, doing this can get confusing if a problem is particularly complex, resulting in you feeling like you’re running around in circles. 


When you use journaling as a home for addressing your issues, you’re putting your thought processes on paper and giving yourself a clearer direction. This helps you understand what solutions you’ve thought of, which ones you’ve ruled out, and it may even reveal some that you would never have considered otherwise. 


#3: Improves Immune Function

I know, I know. You’re thinking, “how in the world can journaling have an effect on my immune system?” 


Actually, expressive writing can both strengthen your immunity and improve your health overall by greatly decreasing your stress levels. Keeping thoughts pent up inside can lead to some devastating consequences to our well-being, and journaling helps to negate that.




#4: Assists in Emotional Development

With journaling, you are allowing yourself a place to freely express yourself without any fear of repercussion. You allow yourself to think thoughts and feel feelings that you wouldn’t have the opportunity to otherwise. This allows you to reflect in the moment and understand where your emotions source from, and reading these passages back later can help you see if you have methods of thinking that are unhealthy. 


#5: Keeps Your Memory Sharp

As you may have guessed, another great benefit of journaling is the effect it has on your memory overall. According to a Cambridge University study, writing about stress, emotions, or trauma not only improves your comprehension but also your overall memory capacity. This study also outlines other health-related effects, such as improved lung, liver, and blood pressure function.




#6: Social Development

It’s confusing to think that journaling by yourself could have any effect on your social development (after all, it is the opposite of a social activity) but it does! In the same Cambridge study outlined above, the conductors also found that those who journaled every day had fewer workdays where they were absent, had quicker reemployment after quitting their jobs, had a higher GPA overall, and possessed some uniquely altered social behaviors. 


#7: Provides an Outlet

Above all else, journaling gives you an outlet where you can freely express concerns and other thoughts you would have had to keep locked up otherwise. Instead of biting your tongue and dwelling on your anger when a stranger skips you in the Starbucks line, you can spend a few minutes journaling about it and give yourself permission to let go and move on. 


Over time, this helps you develop healthy habits and live a freer, more optimistic life. 


Final Thoughts

Journaling is something that is unique in that it can only help you, rather than hinder you. We encourage you to try out a journaling routine over the next month, so you can better understand how this activity can positively affect your life. 


We can’t wait to see how it helps!


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