If you’ve ever traveled, then you’re already familiar with walking into a historic or spiritual space and feeling the history emanating from its walls. It inspires a feeling deep within you, something that’s much larger than your life or anyone else’s. 


This feeling dwarfs any concerns or issues you may have had, and suddenly you’re sucked into a world, unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. In short, you’re awestruck. 


In the world of traveling, this feeling is incredibly common. In fact, many frequent flyers seek out places that inspire this sort of reverence as it can be an incredibly therapeutic experience. 


If you’re someone who enjoys this sensation or a person who has yet experienced that sort of reverence but would like to, then read on. This article outlines some of the best travel destinations that inspire a sense of awe. 


#1: The Washington National Cathedral, United States

The Washington National Cathedral is a highly spiritual and frequently trafficked location for people of all ages and nationalities. Located in the heart of Washington, DC, this cathedral sports massive vaulted ceilings and sprawling underground chambers of varying historical significance, all of which are open to the public. 


No matter who you are, it’s easy to feel small in a place like this.




#1: Isle of Skye, Scotland

The Isle of Skye, or ‘Cloud Island’ is Scotland’s second-largest island, and if you’re someone who draws their energy from natural settings, then this is the perfect sacred space for you. 


The Isle of Skye is a unique location with towering, lush mountains and misty lochs set low into the landscape. Combine that will the crumbling castle walls and barely-standing cobble towers, and you get a scene that looks like something straight out of medieval fantasy. 


Whether exploring the Isle of Skye by foot, bike, motorcycle or car, one thing is certain: it’s nearly impossible to run your fingers over that centuries-old brick and not feel a certain je ne sais quoi. 




#2: Stonehenge, England

A place that has captivated scientists and travelers alike for centuries, the Stonehenge monument is a sight to behold. Much more architecturally advanced than its creational time period should have allowed, this site is filled with an almost corporeal spiritual energy. And although the purpose of this collection of megaliths is still largely unknown, some believe that it had something to do with the summer and winter solstices, and how the light passes through gaps in the stones. 


Regardless of what the real purpose is (or was), however, Stonehenge is definitely high up on our list of sacred spaces.




#3: La Sagrada Familia, Spain

La Sagrada Familia is located in Barcelona, Spain, and features some of the most unique and fluid architectural designs ever used in a cathedral. What makes this temple truly unique, however, is the fact that it is still being constructed. 


The project for La Sagrada Familia was initially designed in 1882 and work on the massive basilica began not long after. Today, the temple has seen over five generations of builders and architects, all of whom have adhered closely to Antonia Gaudi’s initial design. 


It is this combination of religious and cultural significance that makes La Sagrada Familia one of the most unique and spiritually charged locations on Earth.




#5: Jerusalem’s Western Wall, Israel

One of the only surviving remnants of the Temple Mount of Jerusalem, the Western Wall is a conduit for spirituality throughout the entire nation in which it rests. A large reason this wall is so important to the people who worship it lies in its history. 


The Temple Mount, prior to being destroyed by Romans in 70CE, was beheld as a primary conduit for holiness to flow into the world. The Western Wall was one of the only things to survive the raid, and many in Israel held that it was because this wall is the closest one to the Holy of Holies, the temple’s central focus. 


The Holy of Holies, which now lies below the Dome of the Rock, still remains as one of the holiest places in the world.




Final Thoughts

Regardless of who you are, everyone should experience a spiritual awakening at least once in their lives. The places listed above help to prompt that awakening, as well as give you a sacred space to reflect on your where you’ve been so far and where you will go from there. They can help you change direction in your life, as well as make major decisions you’ve been putting off. 


As of now, though, there is only one major decision you should be making: 

Where will you go next? 


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