As you continue to ponder the idea of recording a written account of your life, you may find yourself fretting over the “how”. 


How will I find the time?

How will I learn the skills?

How will I get the magazine printed, so I can finally hold my very own copy?

And while these questions are important, there’s something else you should consider first: the why. 


Regardless of whether your goal is to write about all or part of your story, knowing why you’ve chosen to do this, will help push you to accomplish all the little “hows” that come your way. It will help you make crucial decisions about things like formatting, what to include, and how quickly you need to complete it. 


With that in mind, let’s explore just a few of the many reasons why you should have a written account of your life!




Why #1: Leaving a Legacy for Loved Ones

Your loved ones are called your “loved ones” for a reason—because they care about you and vice versa! What better way to celebrate this uplifting kind of love than to gift them a piece of you they can hold in their hands forever? 


As you grow older, you’ll find yourself thinking more and more about your legacy and what you’d like to leave behind. It’s a natural thing to ponder this reality. By recording a personal account of your life, you can control precisely what you leave behind. You can teach future generations about yourself, show them what your life was like, and leave them with important life lessons you wish you had known at their age. 


Why #2: Connecting with Yourself

With how hectic life gets, it’s easy to lose little parts of who you are in the daily hustle and bustle. With work, grocery shopping, and any other errands and chores, you don’t always have time or mental space to contemplate your life’s meaning. 


By creating a written account of your life, however, you can break your life down into a series of compelling and meaningful stories. Then, by doing this over a number of weeks, you start to slowly reconnect with yourself and become more in-tune with your own rhythm. And, if you find yourself short on time, you can use unique prompts to help you along!




Why #3: Build Stronger Connections

No one says that writing your life’s story has to be something you do alone. For some, the best part of it is being able to invite over friends and family who appear in the memories they’d like to preserve. You can take the time to interview them over a cup of coffee or hot tea, and reminisce about things that won’t be going in your story as well! 


Additionally, you can also join up with memoir-writing or creative writing workshop groups in your area to make brand new friends. After all, it’s never too late to make valuable memories! 


Why #4: Cultivate a Sense of Purpose

It’s not uncommon at any stage of life to experience feelings of depression, isolation, and aimlessness. All it takes is the wrong job, a breakup, or even just a fight with a loved one to set our minds on the path of, “what am I doing with my life?” 


The best thing you can do when your mind hits the “what’s the point?” rut is to start writing about your life! When you do this, not only does it give you a sense of accomplishment, but it also gives you a reason to get up in the morning. For some, leaving that legacy behind for others to explore is one of the most compelling activities they’ve ever partaken in!



Why #5: Experience Physical Benefits

I know what you’re thinking: how on Earth could writing about myself provide any sort of physical benefit? 


Well, it’s actually quite simple. 


According to the University of Rochester Medical Center, the process of recording your life in words creates new neural pathways and strengthens existing ones as you access those old memories. This keeps your brain active and alert, providing you with a sense of clarity you may have thought you already lost. 


Final Thoughts

Recording a written account of your life, whether on paper, video, or as a voice memo, is an activity that many begin but few complete. This happens not because they don’t have the ability to finish it, but rather because they don’t have the why to keep them going. 


Now that you’ve read our blog and know why you’re beginning your journey, you’ve given yourself the ability to write a compelling, comprehensive life story. In other words, no matter what gets in your way, you’ll be able to overcome any obstacles! 


Keep in mind, however, that the longer you wait, the harder it will be to get started. Don’t let other aspects of your life distract you from recording the story that so desperately wants to be told. 


Let us help you create an amazing Life Summary! We can’t wait to see what your very own magazine will look like!

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