As we get older, many of us start to think about the kind of legacy we want to leave behind. We hope to leave something of value to our loved ones, peers, or community, so we will be remembered fondly. For you, this may mean you’re thinking of writing an autobiography, detailing the nuances of your life.


 But is this the best format to choose?  


 Let’s explore…




Why Do People Write Autobiographies?

It is crucial first to examine what the purpose of an autobiography is. Often, the writer’s aspiration is to have his or her autobiography published. According to, the most common reason for autobiographical publishing is to depict a challenge or essential event from the author’s life. For those pursuing this endeavor, it may be quite an arduous undertaking that requires a fair amount of writing skills.



When you are a person who dreams of writing an autobiography, you can be swept up in visions and hopes for what the final product will look like. Could you produce a New York bestseller? However, if you are creating your story for those closest to you, it likely won’t ever reach the wider public. This means there is a slim chance the story will ever even be published.



But you don’t need it to be published. You’re writing it for close friends, family, and yourself. So why not choose something that better serves your purpose?



Why Do Most Autobiographies Remain Unfinished?

As we mentioned, the vast majority of autobiographies never make it out of the draft stage. In fact, many of those first drafts are never even completed. Why does this happen? 



Well, the biggest reason is that many of those who decide to take the autobiographical path underestimate the actual amount of work that goes into creating it. You have to structure your story in a compelling and interesting way with virtually no help, design a book cover that satisfies your vision, and find a publisher who is willing to sink time and money into your book.



Unfortunately, this isn’t possible for everyone.



With that in mind, how can you preserve your story for those closest to you and create something with that visual “wow factor” without years of work?



As it turns out, it really isn’t that difficult.





What To Do Instead of Writing an Autobiography

By this point, you’re probably racking your brain trying to figure out what this mystery activity is. What could possibly check all the boxes that an autobiography can without many of the frustrating complications?



It’s simple: create your own, fully customized LIFEazine. Yes, a magazine about your life!



Think about it—it’s the same as the book you considered writing. It’s a hard copy of your story that you can print for less than the price of a single hardback book and that you can give to those who you want to have it.



It also contains fewer words than a typical autobiography, opting instead to include plenty of space for precious photos and gorgeous designs. Oh, and you’ll be “cutting edge” with this engaging format, and your family will be so impressed!



What Makes A Magazine Easier to Create Than An Autobiography?

Most people think that magazine creation is difficult—probably because, most of the time, it is. 



With LIFEazine, however, we’ve taken care of all the most difficult steps for you. We’re providing guiding questions to prompt your writing, designed tasteful page templates for you to use, and created a engaging magazine format that can be easily shared with others. That is, you can download and share it digitally or order a hard copy (or more!) and have it delivered straight to your door.





Final Thoughts

With all this in mind, you’re probably asking yourself where you come in. With so much already done for you, it isn’t hard to feel like you aren’t contributing enough to your story’s telling. However, this could not be further from the truth.



Your job is to create memories and document them. Invite friends over for tea and laugh about the good old days. Sort through old pictures and warm your heart with thoughts of precious smiles. Choose the photos that depict your shining personality and insert them into your commemorative magazine.



It’s still your story to write. LIFEazine just gives you the tools.



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