Milestone Magazine | Designed for You

This unique 28-page magazine template is designed to capture the highlights, experiences, and wisdom acquired over your loved one’s life time. Whether it’s a milestone birthday, a special celebration, or a heartfelt holiday gift, a personalize magazine is the perfect gift, and can be used as a digital copy or printed with as many copies as you’d like. You have 4 designs to choose from and our designers are ready to make this process fun and easy for you. For details on the 3 packages we offer, click here.

Celebration of Life | Designed for You

LIFEazine designers will create this unique magazine for you or your loved one! You have 4 template design styles to choose from, and will send you guidelines to provide the exact information and pictures that are needed to create your very own, beautiful keepsake. For more information, click here.

Leader’s Magazine | Designed for You

This magazine is the ideal platform for leaders from all walks of life, including non-profits, community organizations, churches, and beyond. It offers you a space to chronicle your pioneering path, sharing your narrative to motivate your followers. This 24-page template captures your background, education, and career progression, along with your driving forces; detailing how these experiences have molded you into the accomplished leader you are today. Through our guiding questions, you’ll have the means to vividly recount your story within a tastefully crafted magazine, designed for both digital and print formats. For more information, click here.

Founder’s Magazine | Designed for You

This digital magazine provides a great way to narrate your entrepreneurial journey and effectively communicate your story with your business audience. This 14-page template captures the essence of your vision, the path you’ve taken, key business milestones, challenges faced, and the successes that have shaped your business to its current state. With our guiding questions, you’ll be able to vividly bring your journey to life in this professionally crafted magazine, and engage with your community via email, social media and web presence. For additional details, click here.

Petazine Magazine | Designed for You

This uniquely engaging 24-page magazine template is designed to capture the adventures you share with your pet(s).It offers a comprehensive glimpse into your journey together, capturing the beginning of your bond, everyday moments, the essence of your relationship, the significance of your pet to you, its unique character traits and more. Thought-provoking questions throughout the magazine, will invite you to creatively document your “pet journey” and let your furry companion’s personality truly sparkle. This magazine is versatile, suitable for both, click here.